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A global community creating bonds for Sustainable Development

Nexos Voluntarios is an organization that promotes social development through volunteer work in Peru. Learn more about us here. Who we are, and what our motivations are for working with volunteers in Peru.

Franque Grimard

Associate Director of the Institute of International Development at McGill University

“Given McGill students wonderful internship experiences at NeVo in the past and the high degree of professionalism and collaboration from the NeVo management and staff, McGill's decision to partner with Nexos Voluntarios on CIDA's Students For Development (SFD) Internships program was a simple, logical and best possible decision: the students are learning tremendously from their internships and we hope to develop further links with NeVo to create new and exciting learning opportunities for McGill students and faculty members alike”.

Adam Kuhn

Student Success Centre Community Service-Learning,
Civic Engagement and Leadership
McMaster University

"I have had extraordinary experiences working with NeVo! The staff provide caring, thoughtful and organized programming to me and my groups, allowing the participants to fully engage with the community and the experience. I was referred to NeVo by a trusted colleague and since then McMaster's students have benefitted from NeVo's model of exploring social justice through community connections. Every time students leave an experience with NeVo more aware, enlightened, educated and inspired".

Jos Nolle

Director International at Niagara College

"My role at Niagara College Canada includes finding appropriate overseas experiential learning opportunities for our students and graduates. Because of my background in international development, I was intrigued by the organizational set-up of NeVo which is based on involving international volunteers in a "southern" local NGO with projects and programs which "make sense" from a local perspective. NeVo has hosted our students and interns in an excellent and professional way. Once they return to Canada, they are very articulate about how much they learned of working within the NeVo structure. You can always contact me if you want further details at".

Rich SwamiNathan

Manager of Residence Life at Concordia University

“Nexos Voluntarios has been a great partner in working with short-term projects for the purpose of service-learning. They have come up with some meaningful service for the students involved while ensuring the communities needs are met. Over my 5 years working with them, I have been impressed with their timely communication, professionalism, and overall sense of care they put into building relationships with their school partners. At the same time, they have been open to feedback and flexible to change to ensure that the students get the most out of the experience and their time in Peru. Students have also commented on the quality of their guides/leaders and how they have truly been a part of our team. I look forward to a continued relationship with Nexos!”

Derek Gaudet

CIDA Volunteer 2011

"Working with Nexos Voluntarios did not only allow me to grow as a professional during my internship, it also gave me the most amazing experiences that have transformed my life forever. As a CIDA volunteer I was able to get involved with all of NeVo ´s projects. I worked with the community of Urubamba and the surrounding communities as well. This is an organization that loves to receive the expertize of its volunteers as well as create an environment for growth for every individual that enters it´s programs. Every volunteer that comes here will learn just as much as they give. My most frequent saying while here "I love my Life".

Jennifer Baxter

Queen's University School of Medicine, Canada Field Experiences, UNFPA Reproductive Health Program 2008 & 2010

"Two years ago I was an undergraduate student looking for something exciting to do for a rural health practicum. I was lucky enough to contact Nexos Voluntarios and find that they had an absolutely incredible opportunity that perfectly aligned itself with the intent of the practicum; they were looking for someone to help design a reproductive health campaign in a rural community in the Andes. It is a testament to how much I enjoyed that six-week placement, to how much it meant to me, to how much I respect the work that Nexos does and the extent to which they support their volunteers that I chose to return for my critical enquiry project… "

Joshua Medina

University of Oregon School of Law, U.S.A. Field Experiences,
Environmental Project with the Municipality of Urubamba 2010

"I came to Peru chasing a life-changing experience. Specifically, I aspired to have a positive impact on the lives of the people of a nation I have always desired to visit. What I was given by Nexos Voluntarios surpassed all of my expectations. In addition to the supportive staff at my site, I had the pleasure of living with wonderful volunteers from all walks of life who not only inspired people through their projects, but also inspired me through their companionship. Additionally, I was given a project tailored to my field of study that provided me with a venue to gain valuable experience in my field.

During my time in Peru, I had the privilege of working with the Department of Health and the Environment in the town of Urubamba. As a law student learning to use his skills in a new environment and in a foreign legal system, I was faced with unique challenges. Still, NeVo put me in an environment that allowed me to thrive from the beginning. My colleagues helped me become a productive member of the staff immediately and helped me learn through practical experience. While forming lasting friendships, I discovered how to work within the Peruvian political and legal system to affect real change. My coworkers at the Municipality of Urubamba offered helpful guidance and were extremely receptive to all of my contributions".

Jean Gabriel Tarassenko

University of Surrey, England Field Experiences,
Environmental Project 2009

"I had already spent seven months in South America (teaching in Ecuador and Peru) two years ago and had fallen in love with the people, the culture and the history and the awe inspiring natural scenery. I decided to return there for three months working with Nexos Voluntarios as part of my placement year.

I worked in Urubamba on the environmental awareness project that had been newly set up, working with the local municipality as well as the local, small organization run by friends ‘EcoValles’. I was not only working with local people, but also reaching out and establishing close
contacts with many local schools in the town and surrounding area and working with students and schoolchildren on how we can all do a small part to contribute to the protection of this planet…those willing to change things should set the examples themselves. If many people working together are able to pool their limited resources and ideas constructively, then the possibility of achieving that goal comes closer. This is what I learnt during my time with Nexos Voluntarios".

‘Let him that would move the world,
first move himself.’

Mariajosé Aguilera

McGill University, Canada, Field Experiences Partnering Program,
Integral Community Development Project with Media Luna 2009

"It was in one of my political science classes at McGill University that I first learned about an NGO called Nexos Voluntarios in Peru. I was interested in doing an internship during the summer of 2009 and this opportunity seemed like a perfect fit. I ended up being accepted into the Media Luna community development project. Along with another McGill volunteer, Igor, I was asked to conduct questionnaire with families in the community in order to assess which development issues were inhibiting quality of life in Media Luna. The experience proved to be invaluable as a complement to my studies in International Development and Economics. We got to know the families in Media Luna on a personal level as they invited us into their homes with our survey. Furthermore, we were able to identify areas of struggle that future volunteers could focus their own projects on improving".

Jeff Boes

University of Texas at Austin, USA, Knowledge Sharing and Field Experience, 2008.

"The best way I can succinctly describe my experience with Nexos Voluntarios is to say that whatever I have given the people in Perú in terms of time and effort, they have paid me back ten-fold with a cultural enrichment that will affect me in every aspect of my life for years to come. It is true to say that Perú is in dire need of help in a lot of areas; political strife is ever-present, and the level of poverty is at times, overwhelming. However, this does not mean that change is impossible. The people of Perú do not lack in insight and ability; rather they lack opportunity.

As a volunteer at Nexos, we are given the chance to empower people with opportunity; in the process of sharing knowledge and effort, we share hope, and seeing this hope in Peruvians eyes has generated one of the more powerful feelings I have ever experienced. In reality, one must keep everything in perspective. Are you going to come and change the way Perú operates? No. However, you will leave with a much greater appreciation and understanding for how Perú operates socially, politically, and economically. It is with this knowledge and understanding we hope to hone in our home countries, with the hope that one day we may be able to come back and give in an even more meaningful way, or impact someone’s life for the better, either at home or abroad anywhere in the world. Nexos Voluntarios supports this goal, and through the most compassionate, knowledgeable, and helpful staff, real change in people’s lives can be made".


Nexos Voluntarios

Dirección 160 Emilio Cavenecia Dpto 204, San Isidro, Lima - Perú Teléfono (+511) 440-0739