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A global community creating bonds for Sustainable Development

NeVo has many volunteer projects in Andean towns throughout the Sacred Valley in Peru. The success of these projects depends in many ways on volunteers’ effort and commitment. Read about them and see if they match with your skills and interests. These are our volunteer projects in Peru, and you can get involved too!

NeVo is currently carrying out the following projects:


UNFPA Reproductive Health Program

An educationally-based initiative supported by the United nations Populations Fund that aims to promote preventative reproductive health care and promote awareness about sexual health among adolescent and teenage students of Urubamba schools.

Medical Campaigns

An effort to bring health services to remote communities that is executed by groups who design strategic activities to raise awareness bout the importance of preventive health care and who provide specific types of care such as medical revisions. and basic emergency care to remote communities.

Initiative Against Racial Discrimination

Disseminate information about racism and discriminatory practices of all kinds, with the goal of creating awareness about the topic and promoting legislation and social customs based on equality and an understanding of human rights.

Environmental Project with the Municipality of Urubamba

A project designed to support the local government of Urubamba in the promotion of environmental conservation though furthering protection and awareness measure in the educational commercial, legal and public spheres

Community Development with Media Luna

Contribute to the integral development of the community in the 9 areas of development defined by the UN (FAO) to improve quality of life and increase opportunities for self-realization in Media Luna. In collaboration with McGill University in Canada.

Kuychi Wasi - Better Nutrition, Brighter Future

Design a strategy to improve nutrition for students of Urubamba-region grade schools with the goal of increasing their mental ability and enabling them to have an improved educational experience, as well as better overall health.


Nexos Voluntarios

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