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A global community creating bonds for Sustainable Development

Nexos Voluntarios is an organization that promotes social development through volunteer work in Peru. Learn more about us here. Who we are, and what our motivations are for working with volunteers in Peru.


NeVo was founded by two Peruvian professionals, Ximena Querol and Carolina Benavides, who inspired by their own experience as volunteers decided to create a program to promote effective voluntary work in their home country. Nexos Voluntarios is now a renowned organization which has received volunteers from ten countries who have participated in a variety projects in Peru.


NeVo develops its projects exclusively with the support of its volunteers. Volunteers join the program and have specific work plans matching their skills and interests with the needs of the project. NeVo’s partners in the communities and volunteers have the opportunity to create important bonds between one another; mutual experience and knowledge can be gained by the promotion of this cultural exchange.


Nexos Voluntarios is a non-governmental organization that works to promote Sustainable Development in Peru through impact driven participation from various social actors. By creating links between these actors and working together in a focused effort, we are able to accomplish our institutional goals.


Nexos Voluntarios is an organization that looks to promote Sustainable Development in Peru, creating links between various social actors and using the knowledge that comes forth from this exchange.


Nexos Voluntarios

Dirección 160 Emilio Cavenecia Dpto 204, San Isidro, Lima - Perú Teléfono (+511) 440-0739